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NOTE: We are currently only accepting abstracts for poster and oral presentations. The call for workshops is now closed.

Your 300 word abstract should be a concise summary of factual information and not simply a general description of what the author plans to present. A high-quality abstract contains the following key elements (without designating them as such):

  1. a brief introduction, including objectives of the presentation.
  2. relevant experimental conditions indicating the scope of study or survey (authors of predominately philosophical works may substitute other appropriate criteria).
  3. observations, results, or data (however, data should be in summary form and not presented in tables or graphs) – philosophical abstracts must demonstrate application of said philosophy.
  4. a concise summary.

Please note if you use Microsoft Word to write your abstract: Microsoft formatting sometimes adds hidden characters that will throw off the word count. We have found that if you paste your work into Notepad, then copy from there to the abstract form, it will clean up the formatting and the word count will be accurate. Please DO NOT include your title/author information within the abstract body.

Although you may submit as many abstracts as you wish, it is unlikely that more than one oral presentation or poster per presenter can be accepted due to scheduling complexities. We are unable to take requests for specific presentation days/times.

All abstracts will be peer-reviewed and considered for poster presentation. Based on reviews, the Review Committee will invite a select number of authors to present their work as an oral presentation instead of a poster. These authors will be notified personally at acceptance.

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